112 new Colors

In 2016 Pantone sell their product in 3 new formats in their GRAPHICS color range:

The first one is COLOR CHIPS. This is a book with small color chips which can be torn-out to add along to your design work. They help Printers make sure every color is exact.

The next format is the standard FORMULA GUIDE. This is a fan-like color palette which expands to show different color chips. It’s a solid unit.

Then, there’s a thing that’s kinda new called COLOR BRIDGE. This is the standard Formula Guide with another CMYK guide that shows what these colors will look like when displayed on the web or when using a CMYK process. This is a very important resource for Web Designers.

For more information on all the amazing new colors, and  Pantone Products in general, please be sure to visit our WEBSITE in Sri Lanka.

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